Hey Friend!

We are SO happy you have found your way here. Welcome to our corner of the world! We are a married duo based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, excited to capture your most special moments! We found our way here to Sioux Falls through college athletics and have completely fallen in love with the Midwest since. While we enjoy our time in Sioux Falls with our pups, we make a concerted effort to get back home often and travel to explore as many National Parks as possible! 

How Did we get into Photography? 

To put it simply, we are obsessed with people, their stories, their quirks, and most notably, witnessing the way they interact with each other: in love, in care, and in joy. Think for one moment about how complex and intricate your own life and story is. Now remember that each person on this earth has a story just as intricate, grueling, inspiring and joyful. HOW AMAZING! We are inspired by the small details that have come together to create who you are today - and want to capture it in an artful way that conveys real, raw emotion. 

Neither of us set out for college thinking we would find ourselves in Photography. Brayden holds two degrees in business, and Chase holds one in Graphic Design. Through college, Chase used Photography as a creative outlet and hobby, doing work for close family and friends, and over time, taught Brayden how to shoot so she could join him! As the COVID class of 2020, our postgraduate plans were put on pause, and we were afforded the time and flexibility to take a trip that would ultimately change the trajectory of our lives. We traveled from South Dakota, to California, to Colorado and back; camping in our car - hitting every National Park in between. We were able to connect with what is truly important in this life - Passion, joy, and connection! We heard so many stories, and connected with people from different cultures, all while feeling the isolation the world felt during Lockdown. After feeling left without purpose in the corporate world, we both came home full time as of January 2023 to pursue our passion of capturing and telling the stories of those around us. 

So What does that mean for your Experience with us!? 

We Want To Be Your BFFS - No Kidding. Some of our dearest friends started out as clients. We truly want to know ALL about you! We are not commercial photographers that just want to show up! The better we know the ins and outs of your life and story, the better we will be able to tell it! 

  1. Consultation Call 

Feel the Vibe! We are bubbly, goofy, and a bit Chaotic at times lol. So, we like to schedule a quick consultation call for our clients to get to know us, and we can get to know all the relevant details to our session. Let us know all the questions, concerns and hesitations here - we will talk them out with you! We are in this Together! 

  1. Booked In! 

For our more involved projects, like Weddings and larger events, you will receive a questionnaire to drop all the logistical details. This allows both of us to stay informed and organized on the day of! We will also use this to help create timelines, shot lists and focus our attention. 

About 3-4 Weeks out from our shoot, we will touch base with a meeting to go over all the final details! Concepts to cover, timelines, details to focus on, ect. We want this to feel effortless yet informed - let us know what you want, and we will make it happen! In the time leading up to your shoot, you will probably see us keeping up with your socials or checking in! 

  1. Shoot Time! 

AHHH! The Best Part! We'll frolic and dance, make silly faces, and enjoy our time together. This is where our Chaotic bit can come into play. Fun prompts, movement, and music will make this time feel like a fun date night or just an outing with friends - allowing for genuine joy to shine through. 

  1. Post Delivery! 

Once you have your gallery in hand, we are far from done with ya! We love to stay in touch with clients as they move through the different stages of life - no matter what that looks like, we are cheering for you! 

Ultimately, we are excited to meet each and every one of you who take the time to invest in our craft. We understand that we are often capturing more than just ‘photos’. These are memories. These are moments that will never return. To invest in the authentic preservation of them is the ultimate gift to the future. We don’t take this responsibility lightly, and aim to tell each story in its own unique beauty. 

We would love to capture your moments!